Day Six: Leaving Stroud

Back on the road. We’ve had a smashing time, hanging out with family and friends, but it’s time to motor on to New Mexico.

Oh, Mexico.

While we all await our first glimpse of desert scenery, I thought I’d give you a few pictures. These are bonafide camera pictures, none of that cellphone stuff here. We’ve got the arch:

The gardens of the Creation museum:

The Mcdonalds arch:

And, because I realized yesterday that i hadn’t posted a single one, pictures of Cincinnati:

(the John Roebing bridge, under renovation but still open to foot traffic)
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Day Three: Leaving the McDonalds Arch

The creation museum is hard to describe without pictures, but since these posts are being illustrated solely by cellphone, and the museum demand our actual cameras, you will have to be patient and resign your self to enjoying these

As implied by the title, the creation museum’s main exhibit is a walk through of the biblical account of creation. It’s theme is, if you’ll excuse the expression, jurassic. Besides the creation exhibit and animatronic dinosaurs, the museum boasts a breath taking planetarium and a beautifully sculpted exotic garden.

After spending nearly all day at the museum (9:30-3), the whole gang went sight seeing in Cincinnati. Breath. Taking. City. There are pictures, but again, they are pending.

Let me explain. Today, if you can call it today, we woke up at four in the morning and headed west. By nine EST we had crossed the Illinois timeline.

We stopped for an hour to see the Arch in St. Louis,

and again in Oklahoma to eat at the “gateway to the west” McDonalds.

Two hours to Stroud, where we get to rest for two days before continuing to New Mexico.Yee-haw!
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Day Two: Breakfast at Best Western

Yesterday we arrived at our first stop, Kentucky. We got to drive through the city of bridges, Cincinnati, the closest I have ever come to being in a futuristic sky city. Driving on the bridges makes you feel as if you are above everything, looking down at all the strange buildings and counting the number of other bridges you pass. I saw at least five, counting the purple people bridge. One of the buildings we passed was strangely shaped, almost twisted, and resembled a blueberry and cream hard candy. I hope we get to spend some down time in the city, if only so we can get better pictures of the bridges:

Next stop: the Creation Musem

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Day One: Lunch in PA

We’ve been driving since seven this morning, stopping only to buy snacks and switch drivers. Lunch is the extremely special “McDonalds.” Though we haven’t gotten out anywhere with local flavor, we’ve still been able to spot some very interesting things. Cheat Lake, in West Virginia, was cool, with it’s humped and rusty bridge. And, across from the McDonalds, there was the Shrine of Osiris, with it statue of Scrooge holding Tinny Tim. Even the boring stretches of highway offer visual, sometimes even comedic, interest:

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Location:Kruger St,Wheeling,United States