Skipping Ahead

I am sitting here by my window, watching the world awake. No passionate dawns today – just a warm, happy glow slowly intensifying into daytime. I have moved my furniture twice in the last thirty days. I liked where my desk was before, but I realized even though I could see the window from my chair, I couldn’t really see out the window. So I moved it to a better spot. But that threw my bed placement off a bit, ergo the second rearrangement. Now it’s all settled and I love it, which might not be a good thing. See, I’m already thinking ahead to next year and the changes and challenges I want to to take on. One of them is the dreaded Go Out More, so having a perfectly restlful house is going to make it harder. However, it will make my other goals a little easier. I’m still wanting to start sewing, for instance. But mostly, I’m wanting to start reading, and that’s where my planning has focused.

There are all kinds of reading challenges, but the ones that make the most sense to me are those that let me dig into my already overflowing shelves. For this reason I’m joining one of the many TBR (to be read) challenges.

I’m throwing caution to the wind and pledging 24. Mount Blanc. That’s two books a month. I think I’ve been averaging one every three month this year. To make things more interesting, I’m adding the color challenge in as well. Any ideas for a third one? There are lots of challenges out there, but most of them seem geared to a certain genre (mystery, sci-fi, romance, fairytales, etc.) and the books I’m drowning in right now are all non-fiction or plain fiction, so I need something more like the sewing or knitting challenges that people host, which go by theme (reminds you of spring, gifted, plaid . . . . ). Maybe I’ll follow one of those challenges, translated into books? Hmm, could you call Tonybee’s A Study of History foundational?


아녱센요! (a-nyeong-se-yo, or my attempt at a hello).

It’s nice to see everybody has survived their summers. I’m so looking forward to fall. Having only one class, I should be able to post more often, right? I guess I should warn you, I just published a post a few minutes ago, but I dated it August 15th. I actually wrote it on the seventh, but my pictures wouldn’t upload, so twenty days later here it is! And yes, the power to alter my blogs chronology is some kind of scary cool. Should I say I wrote this when I was six?

Most of the things I alluded to in the previously mentioned post are actually still current. I did sign up for a class, I’m still following my study plan (loosely, but enough to make me wonder if I’m merely an alien replacement), and I haven’t yet made my bento freezer staples. However, Snow White and her dwarves are scheduled to leave today for a week so I’m looking forward to a productive weekend at least. Maybe even an actual post?

I’ll tell you all about my class when I have something more interesting to say than “I’m taking such-and-such at such-and-such a time.” In order to distract you, can I tell you the latest news in sewing blog land? Ms. Casey, from Casey’s Elegant Musings, is going to hold a circle skirt sew-along. I’ve watched her swing dance sew-along, and Ms. Gertie’s one for Lady Grey (that was hard to watch, I love colette patterns), and I’m thinking this time maybe I won’t just watch.

The three steps of obsession. 

This, combined with my halloween costume, my language study, my class, my blog, and the fact that I do actually work now, should fill up my hours quite nicely. I’m hoping to get a lot of crafty stuff done now because, come November, I’m trying for Nanowirmo again. Last year I hit the humiliatingly low number of 5,000 words, which must not happen again. In recognition of all these plans, I’m ending this post with a sappy limerick poem. Enjoy!

My dreams sometimes seem like so much rubbish.
Like shiny candy wrappers,
Tossed away with glee.
In the sweetness of this swiftly fading present,
I give up a cloudy future
For hard and sure reality.