“Authors…. As much creatures of the reader’s imagination as the characters in their books.”

– Alan Bennett, The Uncommon Reader

I stare around me in equal parts delight and dismay. The first month of summer (as the school year has taught us to call it) has been and gone, with only memories too prove it existed. Here are my vital signs to prove I have been virtually active during this period of blog silence:
Favorite song on Pandora: Laura Gibson’s “Hands in Pockets’ – I love the lines “So goes another winter slowly/ Hands in the pocket of my coat.” The whole song invokes the feeling of fortitude one must draw on to get oneself through the cold school days that seem to last so long. Now that it’s summer I can enjoy the coolness of the melody even more.  
Recommended Blog: The Family Trunk Project – this is, at first glance, a knitting blog maintained by a designer. But the premise of the blog, as suggested in the title, is unique. The author is slowly designing a pieces of clothing for each of her parents, grandparents, etc. Reading how she translates her relatives’ characteristics into knitting is interesting no matter how you look at it. But even if you couldn’t care less for textiles, you should definitely Open The Family Trunk and take a peek at her history. One day, I am confident, she will inspire me to get acquainted with my own relatives. 
              I have also been making waves on the crafty front. I’ve made an apron (which still needs to be re-hemmed and buttoned) and I’ve received the yarn for the February Lady Sweater. I’m making it out of a beautiful french blue linen yarn know as Euroflax. If you are  familiar with this yarn and this pattern you may be wondering what I’m thinking. Do not fear, I’m prepared to make drastic changes to the pattern with the help of my calculator and ruler. But first my needles have to arrive. Theo has already started her summer cardigan project. It’s not a race of course, but I’m going to have to knit fast to catch up.