Play it Again

So, I got an email from someone yesterday in which they mentioned they were planning on starting a blog. “Oh,” I gushed back, “blogs are great places of inspiration and community!”

Ah,  irony.

If you can believe it, it wasn’t until I pressed send that I realized how silly that sounded coming from the girl whose blog has been nothing but a white page for the past six months. So I decided to knuckle down and tackle the beast. Only there was no beast. Whatever problem I had with WordPress, Startlogic, and the Universe in General has apparently been resolved while I wasn’t looking,  because everything came together as smoothly as oil and basil. I don’t even get any geek points this time around. {{1}} [[1]]Except, I changed my admin password through My SQL instead of the “forgot your password?” link – we have to keep our skills up somehow.[[1]]

You’ll notice that the theme has changed. Yes, this is 2014. I have given up Decollate for the moment, and will instead be making heavy changes to this theme.{{2}} [[2]] First to go: the horrid, witch-green accent color [[2]] Decollate never really worked, and the image I had for it has faded so much due to time and frustration that there are only shards of it left. Jumping into things is probably the only method that’s going to work for me, but I’ve spent enough time in the pool of theme creation to realize there is no water in it. Better to focus on the small cosmetic aberrations and leave the rest of my energy for actually writing posts. Novel concept, I know.

So, what can you expect from this blog’s future? Probably rambles and musings. I’m still without a camera, which leaves me with nothing but prose to offer. I have some updates for those interested in my Japanese studies and forays into gardening, so stayed tuned! I’m coming back (right after these messages).


How to Get More from Division

Hello World!

Today I write as a homeowner. Not a particularly big homeowner, but I don’t see how my size really matters at the moment. In honor of this event I am doing the unthinkable: I’m posting in all three sections at once.

Backlog? Yes, just a bit. And yes, I did mean three. Bunberry (this one), DecoGear (that one), and . . . . Kimchi! Or is it KimOchi? It’s probably going to end up being Kimchi Kimochi, for no other reason than to have it’s initials be kk.* The subtitle is “More than a feeling.” Don’t groan, I’m actually rather proud of myself for that one. Anyway, Kim-O-chi will be my crafting/cooking section, and you can read it’s first entry here.

I’ve been pretty much ignoring the blog due to house hunting, and precedence indicates I will probably now start to ignore it because of house making, but that doesn’t mean I’m not constantly intending to think of it. It’s just, for now the house is a bit bigger and more, uh, present. It’s actually really pretty, even now, lacking any people furniture (I do have some bookcases) and drowning in cardboard boxes. I have four or five small white ones that say “Do Not Open Until July 16, 2005” or “July 21, 2007.” Yes, they’re the Official boxes used to hold Harry Potter Books 6 & 7. You better believe we stood in line for those books and we’ve got the boxes to prove it.*                                                                                                  I’ve already filled the above mentioned bookshelves. My book collection is a little out of hand. I started to make a row of fiction books by author and had to stop when I realized that I’d only left room for five or six volumes in the As-Cs. My Jane Austin collection alone probably adds up to seven books. I also have way too many plates, but these are our family’s old set – before my dad moved us to white dishes – so they don’t make me feel guilty about my hoarding tendencies. It’s funny though, to be just starting out and yet have So. Much. Where did it all come from? And, can I send it back?

Not that I would, but I like to have my options open.

__________________ Socks Off _________________________

*”kkkk” is chat speak, specifically Korean chat speak, for laughter. Kimchi you should know, it’s fermented cabbage and you can buy it in little jars in quite a number of groccery stores. Don’t listen to those naysayers, it’s good stuff. Kimochi is Japanese and refers to a feeling or mood, as in “きもちいい” (kimochi ii), or “a good feeling.”

* No, it wasn’t my idea. The easiest way to be a geek without even trying is to have a geeky family. I just stood there and watched the fanaticism explode, and look how I’ve benefited from it! Pretty white boxes, the perfect size for packing books into.