The Efficient Extension



Yes, today I want to talk a bit about a person very close to my heart: me. That’s right, a few days ago I fell further into my tweens: “the irresponsible twenties between childhood and the coming of age at thirty-three.”

It’s really very sobering to be quite past the age where most of your fictional friends turn, magically, into adults. Especially when you, quite clearly, age like a hobbit. This year I was reminded of how lucky my parents are that I was born when I was. Not just because I’m so lovable in general, but because I need all the help I can get when it comes to being considerate and my birthday is really conducive to that. I share September not only with Frodo and Bilbo (September 22nd) but with Theo and the Geekette as well. These are two people I’ve known since before I got the knack of coming up with really cool aliases. They know all the embarrassing alter-egos of my past and yet, somehow, love me anyway. And, because our birthdays are all in the same month, I’m never more than a month late giving them a gift.

After a month, I kind of figure “what’s the point,” so, yeah, my birthday has saved my friendship probably twenty times over.

Plus, it’s on national talk like a pirate day, score.

I’m a little too full of grasshopper pie right now, seeing as how that’s been my dinner for the past three days, but sometime this year I really would love to do a picture tutorial of a cake. Not just any cake, but the Geekette’s birthday cake. It’s called The Bloody Chicken Cake, but don’t worry, it’s safe for most vegetarians.

It was born out of a side comment and a joke of a promise, that somehow just wouldn’t die. A few months ago the Geekette came over and cooked me some chickpeas. We always seem to have a can of these in my house but, before last month, I think the last time I had eaten them was when I was seven (I don’t count hummus when saying this, just as I wouldn’t count salsa if I said I hated tomatoes). Anyway, she cooked them up in olive oil with curry, cumin, paprika, and a little bit of the bush basil my dad has growing by the front step. It was really good, even after she pointed out that chick peas really do look like chickens. It was so good that we decided her birthday cake should be made out of chick peas, and of course once that was voiced I had to volunteer, and thus the Bloody Chicken Cake was born. The “blood” in the title comes from my first imagining of the cake, which used blood oranges. That idea didn’t last long, but the name was too good to waste.

Wanna slice?

Happy, Happy Day!

“Even a muggle such as yourself should be rejoicing on this happy, happy day.”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter, Book 1

Dear Sister,
You are always bugging me to post, so, since the box containing your birthday present (and that of another) is still sitting in my room, untapped and unlabeled, let this post be your official birthday present. 
There is some debate about what would make a good birthday post, some say pretty pictures, preferably old. I can’t see me pulling that off, this is not exactly a personal blog. Luckily for me I can just follow the golden rule of birthdays, which is “always have food.” In other words, here is your Birthday E-Feast Via Blog!
BiBinBa – This is a Korean dish, and very good. I got it at the Fugi Grand food court this Monday. There are various toppings you can pick but, following Mrs. Purewell’s lead, I chose cheese. It’s served in this huge pot of a bowl, and you are given an egg to crack into it. Don’t worry, the rice is so hot that the egg scrambles when you mix everything together. It’s slightly spicy and oh so good!

Seven Eleven – Yes, the local seven eleven. Right across from the church, so I can run over and get my self a lunch. From Right to Left: Rolled Sushi with Nattou (the only inherently nasty food I’ve had yet), Melon Pan, and a Chicken Pasta Salad (the chicken is on top with the salad and the salad dressing. Some assembly required). I’ve had all of these before, though at different places. In fact, I’ve had melon bread twice. They serve it every where, even at McDonalds.

Mabodofu – Here’s what I had for lunch this Thursday. I had no idea what is was, but I bravely took it to the front counter anyway, just for you. Usually the cashier asks me if I want hashi, but this time they asked me something else. Needless to say I was thrown off. Eventually they found some way of communicating the simple question “shall I heat it up for you?” and I was able to stutter out an “onegashimasu.” Then, once it was all nice and hot, and tucked into the bag with a spork, I asked the lady what it was called. “Mobarohu,” she said. Or so I thought. But when I got back “home” and looked it up I found my hearing was a little off. Mabodofu it is then, and it’s good. Though a little greasy, as though the hamburger meat wasn’t drained properly. I think I’ve had something similar at the Toothy’s, only without the tofu and with way more veggies. Yum!

There you go, your birthday feast. And for dessert why not forgo the usual cake and have some kakigouri, blue Hawaiian is my favorite. Make sure they drizzle it with plenty of condensed milk! (or put ice cream on top and call it a “cream frappe”).

Little “B”